Alexandre Francey


Alexandre Francey was born in Cousset, Montagny-les-Monts, canton de Fribourg Switzerland. He first taught in Vuarens and Neuchâtel. Simultaneously, he was involved in public life, first as ‘Greffier de la Justice de Paix’ for the district of Dompierre.  He favored a classmate from College Saint Michel and Ecole Normale at former Abbey HauteriveGeorge Python who was first ‘Depute de la Broye au Grand Conseil’, when he is promoted to  oversee the ‘Grand Conseil’ in 1882, he takes his seat at the ‘Grand Conseil’ for the next 30 years. Python is appointed to Director of Education in Fribourg in 1886 and will accomplish a lot for education including founding the University of Fribourg in 1889. In 1892, Python creates also a Bank Cantonale de Fribourg (BCF) and appoints ‘Depute’ Alexandre Francey to be an Agent. These major accomplishments places Python to be considered the second founder of the Canton of Fribourg. After Python’s suffers a cardiovascular illness in 1912, Alexandre Francey will ally his effort with Joseph Chuard Conseil d’Etat. In 1917, he is asked by the Conseil d’Etat to become the ‘Prefet of the Broye Region‘. He will spend the next six  and last years of his career in Estavayer at the Château de Chenaux.

Personal Accomplishments:

Orphanage of the ‘Institut des Fauvettes’, Montagny-les-Monts, Switzerland. (1) 1901

Brought the ‘Soeurs de la Providence de Langres‘ to attend to the Orphanage.


Alexandre born, July 14th, 1855, loses his father at age 9 in 1864. He has an older sister Marie born in 1832, his other siblings are Philomene, Adelaide and Joseph.

Married in 1883 to Seraphine Gremaud they will have seven girls and one son. Their first daughter Marie-Julia is born in 1885, their second child, Joseph-Aloys in 1886, Anna-Marie (Sister Marie-Marthe) in 1984, Maria-Jeanne in 1887, Anna-Maria 1889, Marie-Clementine in 1891, and finally Therese in 1892.

His daughter AnnaMaria dies 1905, at age 16, his wife Seraphine 1915 at age 64,  his daughter Marie-Georgina in 1917 at age 25, Maria-Jeanne in 1922 at age 35 and the eldest Marie-Julia in 1930 at age 45. He passes away September 27, 1942 in Fribourg, Switzerland survived by 3 children, Aloys, Therese and Anna (Sister Marie Marthe).



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