Adam Jaouad


Adam was born in Saratoga Springs, New York. He graduated with honors from High School and Skidmore College in History and American Latin studies. He has worked as a Production Assistant for Lovett Productions,  Development Associate for SEEDS (a National program seeking educational equity and diversity), Marketing Assistant and Artists Liaison for SPAC and as a Foreign Marketing Liaison for a one of the largest Global company, English First provider of education worldwide. His interest lies primarily in International Growth for College Education. With a command of several languages, English, Spanish and French, he has traveled extensively and is well versed in understanding International challenges.

Adam has also lived some heroic times as a bone marrow donor for his sister Suleika Jaouad, now a leukemia survivor who holds an Emmy Award as a journalist and writer. The story was filmed in New York Time movie series: “Life Interrupted.”

Adam Jaouad is known to be caring, generous and honorable. A Team player on College Rowing Crew. His participation in the movie “Going Blind” a documentary on coping successfully with vision loss, attest to his diverse skills. As a son of a Swiss-born painter Anne Francey and a Skidmore College professor Hedi Jaouad in Comparative Literature, he has experienced many cultures and aspect of life. Some of his favorites hobbies are cooking, traveling and basketball.

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