Hedi Jaouad


Hédi Abdel Jaouad is a professor of French and Francophone studies who has been a teanured associate Professor at Skidmore College, a Fulbright Lecturer in the Department of English at the Université Tunis, a Faculty at NEH Summer Institute–La Francophonie and at Old Dominion University, French Language and Literature, as well as in the Department of Modern Languages, at the United Nations International School in New York City.


Professor Jaouad came from the Sorbonne in Paris, to the United States in 1977 to pursue his field of study. He received his PhD in French Literature from Temple University and his MA in English literature from La Sorbonne. His numerous articles, in both French and English, have been published in journals internationally. He is also the author of many books and articles, and is the editor of CELAAN, journal dedicated to the promotion of North African literature and art. He has developed college curriculum in collaboration with Middlebury College and the Center of Educational Technology. He has also contributed to the Huffington Post.


He obtained is college education in Tunisia, a Master Degree in English Literature at La Sorbonne in Paris and a PHD in French Literature at Temple University.

Book Publications:




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By LEIGH HORNBECK Staff writer, TimesUnion, January 16, 2011

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Review by Elizabeth Sabiston, York University, Toronto

Public Service:

(1993-1997) MLA Division on French Literature outside Europe.

College Governance:

  • MALS Search Committee, 2002
  • MALS Committee (Chair), 2000-03
  • UWW Committee, 1997-1999
  • Committee on Faculty Governance,1993-1995 *Board of Review, 1992-94
  • Athletic Council, 1993-4
  • Committee on Social Responsibility of Investing, 1993-4 *First-Year Student Advisor, 1994-present

Department Governance:

  • Advising responsibilities, 1989-present *Lecture Series Coordinator, 1994-present
  • Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Guidelines Committee, * New Student Evaluation Form Committee (Chair), 1995-6
  • Curriculum Committee, 1995-6
  • Organizer of the Annual FLL Multi-Language Poetry Recital, 1997-present *Organized a two-day study trip to Montreal for my FF 223 students (Spring 1996)
  • Co-organizer of the CIEF international conference, Sousse May 27-June 3, 2000.
  • Organizer of the international conference “Le Maghreb à la croisée des cultures,” Hammamet (Tunisia), June 15-21, 1997.
  • Francophone workshop for high school teachers from the Capital region, Skidmore College, May 1996.
  • Faculty, NEH Summer Institute–La Francophonie. Old Dominion University, 27 June – 22 July 1994.
  • Curator of the Surrealist exhibition “Phases of Desire” at Case Gallery, Skidmore College, 30 Sept – 14 Oct 1994.


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