Anita Schorr

Anita Schorr !930-2016

Anita Schorr !930-2016



Anita Schorr, born Pollakov was a role model for many. In recent years, she had been very active with schools and ADL(Anti-Defamation League) to share her early life story of bullying.

Born before World War II, in Brno, Czechoslovakia, she experienced up close the invasion of German troops in her town. The slow degradation her family will suffer until they are finally sent to a promising town that is nothing but a concentration camp.

In collaboration with Marion Stahl, she published several books sharing her experience as a young girl. She received many awards.  She was awarded the ‘Exceptional Leader Award’ by Senator Richard Blumenthal, the ‘Distinguished Community Leadership Award’ by Governor Nancy Wyman, and the State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation. These recognitions were celebrated during the ADL Centennial Gala on December 11, 2013.


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